Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13th,2010

Wow, long time since I was by here. Everything is pretty much status quo, still selling on etsy, addicted to facebook and farmvilled. My dog is now 2 and quite the handful as you will see from the pictures.

My daughter had a pretty tough year, but is now hopefully going to get the help she needs for an addiction to Oxycontin.....Terrible drug, so wish it was taken off the market. Seems everyone that I mention it to, has a friend, family member, neighbor etc who has had problems with it......

I am no longer selling Cookie Lee jewerly, just took too much for my time for very little in return, at least I gave it a shot.

Thinking of maybe going back to school to do something with animals, perhaps Vet assistant, Animal Cop or something along those lines.

So just thought I would pop in for a minute and say Hi......

Enjoy the pics!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Just popping in to say hi, hope you are all ready for Halloween, my daughter and I spent about 8 hours today getting the outside of our house all decorated...phew, looks great though.

Dressed MO (the dog) up in his test clothes for his Halloween costume, he was not impressed LOL..enjoy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26th. Where does the time go...

Wow, long time since I was on here....so much happening...but so little to tell.

Lets see, since my last post I had an awesome 3 week holiday up in BC on Gabriola Island at my parents house...fabulous weather, awesome beaches, great company and all in all a very relaxing visit. Definitely on my favorite places to move too. Mo had a fantastic time, he learnt to swim, got to chase herons and be off leash at a number of the beaches...one of them was 4 minutes away by car from my mum and dads...we spent a fair bit of time there...here are some cute pics:

We took the boat over to Vancouver Island and spent some time at a gorgeous lake there called Lake Cowichan...it is about 101 degrees...pretty warm for there. My mum and dad get deer coming right up on to the front lawn, this of course would seriously set Mo off and he would be at the windows barking like a wild thing:

I also started selling Cookie Lee jewelry, had my first party last night, it was a blast and made a few bucks to boot. If you are interested in checking out the catalogue on-line or having me mail you one...here is the link:


I am going to do the craft show circuit again this year with my handmade beads and beadable items, booked every weekend except 2 from end of September to the beginning of December...should be fun, lots of work too but could bring in a bit of extra cash.

Not too much to talk about now but check out the beads on my etsy site....loving playing with the Double Helix reactive silver glasses...really expensive but so worth it.

Hopefully I will stop by again a bit more often.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7, 2009

Phew...lots of changes in my house. My daughter decided to give it a go on her own, well sort of on her own, moved in with her boyfriends mum...but lets not even go there, much to our disappointment but as my friends say now comes Breezys reality check.

It is pretty weird not having a teen running around, but a few of her friends stopped by to see me yesterday so that was nice, and MO (the dog) was thrilled to have someone else to talk too.

I have been playing around with my bullseye glass again to create some of the metallic beads that have become the craze, though I enjoyed making them years ago, just kind of put it away for now.

Got MO a little swimming pool...couple of days ago we were in the 90's, but have cooled WAY back down to mid-60's...which I am very happy about, as since I got 'old' I don't do nearly as well as I used to when I was young.

Thinking about getting a new vehicle to haul the 90 LB beast around in...my little sporty car is just not really cutting it....anyway enjoy the pictures and hope all is well with everyone!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday April 16th

Yahhhhh...finally 2 gorgeous days in a row. Managed to get some gardening done, raking up all the old leaves, pulling weeds, but now comes the fun stuff...I am going to buy some annuals!!!

They always look so great when you first get them in, unfortunately this year...my big dog MO has decided flowerbeds make a great shortcut to other places.....does not seem to matter how many times he hears BAD or NO...next time he is jumping through it again!!

Wow my daughter only has 7 more weeks before grad, and less than a month until she turns 18!!! Time has just flown by!!! Then she is off to Mexico for a week with her grad class and thats it....reality will hit when she realizes she is now considered an adult, maybe get a job...LOL.

Enjoy the new pictures of my MO dog....and have a great week!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Time sure gets away from me

I cannot believe it is almost a month again since I stopped by to update this blog.

I hope everyone is well, I had a great time last weekend with my little sister (35), I had not seen her for about 3 years. We shopped, drank mochas and I got her addicted to Guitar Hero...I know I am too old for these games but I just LOVE IT.....wonderful time waster, and you never know, maybe one day I will get so good I can join a world tour...LOL.

Here are a couple of pics of her playing GH and with my daughter and MO.

Wow only 3.5 months until my daughters graduation......what she will do after that is anyones guess...right now we are just keeping our fingers crossed she makes it....she is very much like me in that way, definitely not scholarly but EXTREMELY social. If there was a class for that....an A would certainly come her way.

Our weather has been awesome for the past few days and I actually managed to get outside and do some gardening, but back to grey skies now.

I have been making some really cool beads with new design I was playing with, I just love the way they have been turning out...still a couple of pairs on etsy if you are interested.

MO (my dog) is almost 90 LBS now and so DEMANDING...all he wants to do is PLAY...but I am still having so much fun with him, and he forces me to go out for a walk everyday...so I have lost enough weight now I am back into some old jeans!!! He absolutely LOVES puppets, so when I found this monkey I know he had to come home with us, and he is definitely MO's favorite toy.....

Anyway HI JHEIRA!!!! LOL...hope you are still stopping by, I really have to start updating this much more often!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had lots of fun, but other than 'Mo' it was pretty quiet at our house. Mo did really well at opening his presents, but after a month of practising I should hope so...LOl.

A couple of days before Christmas one of my daughters friends brought over and adorable puppy and Mo and he (TANK) played for about 5 hours straight. There were a few nips and a few angry snarls but in general they did quite well together.

On a Christmas note, I got a BOSE speaker IPOD dock so now I have awesome tunes in my house again. Of course I wait until my hubby is out to crank it but then out comes the old school music and lots of bass and head bangin' (well not really but I do like my music loud...thanks to my mum!!!)

Anyway enjoy the pictures and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR...see you in 2009!!!!!!!!!!